How to file for Divorce in the UK 2021

According to statistics in Britain, about 40% of married marriages break up over time. And although divorce is no longer perceived as a family tragedy in our time, many families, being on the verge of collapse, do not reliably know the answers to questions related to divorce in the UK.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce in the UK

Often decisions about divorce are made impulsively, under the influence of crisis or stressful situations that suddenly arise in the family. Over time, you or your spouse may regret that in a hurry, without understanding, made a hasty decision to divorce. In order to protect you from such situations, the law provides for mandatory lines for the reconciliation of the parties. In the registry office, it is one month, and in court they can give you one to six months to think. So the minimum number of lines for which you can file a divorce in Britain is one month. In the presence of concomitant disputes of a property nature, a divorce through court can take up to a year or more. That is why family lawyers recommend filing a claim for divorce separately from a claim for division of property.

What To Do If The Spouse Does Not Want A Divorce

It often happens that the spouse does not support your decision to divorce and does not give his consent. In such cases, there is no need to despair. Spouse’s consent in the UK is not required for divorce. You should know that in accordance with the norms of international and domestic law, the basic principle of family life is voluntariness. If at least one of the spouses does not want to continue to live in the marriage, such a marriage must be terminated. Refusal to divorce can be regarded as coercion into family life, which in itself is unacceptable.

When Divorce Is Prohibited

The law establishes a categorical prohibition on the dissolution of marriages at the initiative of a spouse whose wife is pregnant or raising a child up to one year old. The exception is cases when the issue of the paternity of the baby is contested in court.

What Documents Will Be Required In Case Of Divorce

In order to get a divorce, you must submit the following documents to the registry office:

  • marriage certificate (original or duplicate);
  • spouses’ passports.
  • if the decision is made in court, the following is additionally provided:
  • statement of claim;
  • birth certificates of children;