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We communicate with the court

Using our service, you save the worry of finding out, or paying a solicitor to find out, which court or divorce centre will deal with your case. We’ll be the ones communicating with them throughout, and therefore you won’t need to worry sending anything to them.

All additional documents included for free

Providing a copy of your marriage certificate is a requirement when filing for divorce with any court or divorce centre. If you don’t have the original, or a certified copy, we can take care of obtaining an official copy of this for you at no extra cost, so long as your marriage was registered in the UK or with British authorities abroad. On top of this, if you're confident that you qualify for the court fee exemption, we'll attach the application form to your documents, filled in with only a couple of fields left for you to fill in and sign. We stay true to our word - we save you money and hassle!

Over £750 in savings

As well as taking away a great deal of the stress involved, we save you considerable money compared to using a high-street solicitor. In the majority of cases, particularly if you are not contesting areas of the divorce, you will save over £750. Indeed, the truth is that divorce nowadays can be straightforward - there isn’t always a need for legal intervention which incurs significant costs for all involved.

Fixed price

We explicitly communicate the fees that you will pay throughout our website to ensure that there are no nasty surprises lurking round the corner. To reiterate, your costs will be our £149 service fee, and the £550 made payable to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service. As said, you may qualify for a court fee exemption.

Our managed divorce service requires you to initially make payment and then provide us with the relevant information regarding your divorce, but from that point on we take care of the rest. Furthermore, together with the printed material we always include pre-paid and return envelopes, staying true to our promise - no hidden costs.

Expert help and assistance

You’ll benefit from our expert legal knowledge and advice. You’ll also have an administrator assigned to your case, so if a situation arises where you need personal assistance, your queries will be answered within one hour or sooner. You can be safe in the knowledge that experienced and qualified legal persons will be dealing with any potential issues that pop up throughout.

Ready-filled and error-free documents

A faulty application will likely delay divorce proceedings. When using our service, you do not need to be concerned about any mistakes you may have made when filling in our web forms. Our administrators go through all applications manually and correct any mistakes and typos before sending off the paper work. If anything is required of you, we make sure to contact you as soon as possible to communicate what is missing or required.

No need for printers or ink

Usually, an applicant is expected to print all the necessary documents, but the reality is that most households simply don’t have a printer anymore. Adding ink and paper to requirements makes applying a hassle. When you place an order on our site, in addition to filling in the forms correctly, we take care of the printing for you.

User-friendly and convenient platforms

Using our service is simple. We’ve transformed the divorce process into a far less stressful and complex procedure by enabling the customer to access everything in one place, at their convenience. We only ask for information that is essential to us. Moreover, you’ll be able to use our service from whatever device you want to. No, it’s not a gimmick - you really can divorce from your mobile.

Safe payments

Other application processes often require you to send your credit card details, a cheque or other information by post. Using our service, we handle all payments via Stripe Payments to ensure that, when paying online, all your private information is well encrypted and unavailable to third parties.

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